Thousands of children under the age of 5 in Tanzania are still dying from malaria, despite the amount of aid that goes to mums and babies affected by HIV/AIDS and malaria.

How you can help

Tanzania health fundraising

Health of Children

Two year old Dagma holding tight to a mosquito bed net, too young to understand yet how it can save her life. Children like her need your help. You can play an important role and save a life of babies & children in Ifakara, Tanzania.

Africa Education fundraising

Educating Young Lives

Matthew loves school and learning with his friends but his little sister may not get the chance to attend this year because his family can only afford one set of uniform and shoes. Basic education is an integral cog in a child’s life. You can help keep that wheel turning

self sufficient help

Empowering women to build self sustainable livelihoods

Yolanda formed her women’s group a few years ago. Against all odds the group is stronger and has over 50 members. They encourage and support female education within their community. Help empower women like Yolanda and their families to build Self Sustainable Communities.

Tanzania Education fundraising

Donate a Desk Appeal

This is the classroom of most of the school children in Ifakara, Tanzania. They have to resort to using rocks and planks of wood to sit on and use for desks. Convert your cash into vital educational learning tools and help the children of Tanzania by supporting this year’s Donate a Desk Appeal

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"For Africa to move forward, you've really got to get rid of malaria" Bill Gates

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